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     Whether you're spinnin' it, flippin' it or just admiring it, custom coasters are a sales opportunity.

We have all been there: We tap on, flip over, pick up, and look at the coaster set in front of us while anticipating our exquisite drink to quench our thirst. Maybe it's to get more info on the location we're at. Maybe we want to know who made the libation we're about to crush. Either way, there are few forms of advertising that allow for such intimate interaction.

     Our full custom coasters are made with the highest quality materials available (coaster board imported from Finland). We make them in only one thickness: the heaviest we could find. Our price points are equivalent to what our competitor charges for medium weight coasters because we buy in bulk. Our inks are UV cured to create a long lasting print that won't bleed when the coaster gets wet. Our coasters are not for just one use - they can handle the session drinkers. 

     What makes us stand out? Our service. We don't charge extra for custom cuts. We're quick.  

     And did we mention our coasters are made in Canada?