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How to order from

How to order from

Posted by Karen Gendron on 9th Mar 2023

Follow these easy steps and you will have your Coasters To Go™ in no time!

1. Are you looking for Coasters? Keg Collars? Keg Wraps? From the home page, click on your desired product.

2. Click your desired quantity.

3. Click your desired size.

4. Click your desired shape. (Custom coasters will not ask for a size or shape selection).

5. Upload your artwork file. Templates are available on the page as you scroll to the bottom. Don't have artwork? Head down to the Customize button, click that, and you can add your artwork/text through our online editor. (Keg wrap shapes are not customizable).

6. Add special instructions that you would like to share about your artwork (you can leave this box blank).

7. Check out.

8. A proof will be emailed (usually within 24 hr) that requires approval. If you don't see this email, please check your junk mail.

9. Carefully check and approve your proof, or make changes. Once it's approved, we make the coasters/keg collars/keg wraps and ship them (usually within 3 days). We ship with Canada Post, and shipping times can be found here.

Need any help? Have questions? Contact us and we will be sure to get back to you fast!